summertime brings vacations and social media ghosting.....

i love summer! spring allergies have gone and late night thunderstorms bring out lightening bugs and earth worms. it's great to sit on the porch and enjoy a glass of wine while your kids play in the yard with the dog. everything else just melts away or should melt away from your thoughts and view. for business owners and content managers this can be a tedious task. so much of our happiness and energy comes from finding new information and content to post and share with others. instead take the moment to share with the loved ones right in front of you. 

for some of us we don't know what it's like to live life without posting every photo we take on instagram, snapchat or facebook. i may be the exception here. i rarely post every photo i take. when it comes to my personal life i don't make the gushing posts to my husband or daughter because i can tell them directly. yesterday for father's day my husband and i started our day at the gym. sweating on the treadmill, working on legs.....ugggg. still sore. followed by breakfast with our daughter and a lovely nap at home. as the day warmed up we headed outside to a neighborhood playground and climbed on the playground equipment like kids. just simple and easy fun. after a genius idea lead us to the local discount store where we purchased a slip-n-slide ish item we set up the water hose in the backyard and just got silly. our 3 year old probably enjoyed just sitting there and splashing instead of sliding on her back or belly into the water. it started out as a fun memory to share with our daughter and finally i just decided to slide too....with all my clothes on. it felt amazing. it was fun. i felt like a kid. my husband was laughing at me because only the front side of my body was wet so it looked like i peed my 

yesterday's memory created a lesson for me. just because i love social media and marketing in a digital age and trending topics doesn't mean that i can't unplug to enjoy the small, simple moments in life that will create lasting memories. so let your hair down, kick your shoes off and unplug for a bit this summer!