Email Marketing Done Right

Small businesses and large businesses use email marketing strategies to connect and engage with their customers in similar ways. Doing it right doesn't have to be expensive. Where many go wrong is the length of the email or the timing. 

We get caught up in educating the consumer and forget that they don't need to know how it works or why it works....just that is "does work". So how do you get it right? Start with a purpose and a mission. 

  1. Create clean and clear lists of emails with accurate information at every point of contact. When they purchase anything or contact you in any their information. They are a current and future customer. Hopefully for life. 
  2. Using sources like iCapture are great tools to help you capture those emails that you need when they walk in your store or see you at an event or trade show. Check out this free trial and see if it helps simplify and cut down on the duplicate entries.  
  3. Create lists within the lists - notate age range or products purchased and target with emails based on previous buying habits. 
  4. Find an email marketing tool that works for you. My favorite is Constant Contact. The next big name is MailChimp. I recommend playing around with both and researching others to find the right one for you and your business. 
  5. Now that you have lists what do you want to say? It could be special discounts on services or products or just information that you want to share with everyone. Come up with a simple template or theme that is not too long and easy to read and navigate. Check out this list from by Nathan B. Weller
  6. Don't tell the entire story in the email. Give a sentence or a partial paragraph with a lead to your website or promotion. 
  7. Change up the subject line in your email for every message you send. Make it positive, thought provoking and energetic! 
  8. Every email should have a call to action or move the consumer to do SOMETHING....what is it you want them to do? Whatever that action is....make it simple. Make it easy!