Constantly learning....

When I look at this picture I think about the beauty of the youth on the uncharted water with no traffic. I get excited thinking about the journey that she will embark on and the things she will learn. We must never stop learning. 

When I look at this picture I think about the beauty of the youth on the uncharted water with no traffic. I get excited thinking about the journey that she will embark on and the things she will learn. We must never stop learning. 

Everyday there is something new to be learned within the digital landscape of marketing as we know it today. The marketing professional who graduated with honors in Marketing years ago may not be up to speed on the trending apps and tools available now. Why is that? 

The title of the blog is "Constantly learning" because I will never know everything there is to know about marketing. The game changes everyday. A new algorithm will botch our whole strategy or a new app will steal all the visibility and traffic. You have to stay on top of the trending sites, tools and techniques. 

Resting on the certifications will only get you so far, you've got to keep pushing everyday for more knowledge in a growing age. Listening in the car to podcasts about the industry provide insight to startups and influencer tactics. 

How do you compete? How do you stay relevant? I would say it's looking at what doesn't exist now and trying to create that missing piece. Everything exploding today didn't exist 10-15 years ago and there wasn't a need or calling for it. Soon Uber will take over the map and it didn't take long for them to create such a large foothold. But why? They saw an opening, they saw a gap and they created the missing puzzle piece that we all never knew we needed. 

How were they able to position themselves to do that? By constantly learning new techniques. If you are a business professional right now reading this and you aren't trying to learn as much as you can about your industry, I bet your competitor is. I bet someone younger and hungrier is and you will have beaten yourself out of the game and missed the window. 

Don't miss the window. Stop watching all these young 20 something tech savvy start ups cross your path and move on without you. If you have an idea, if you have a killer mindset, a hunger to do something different...find a way to make that happen. 

Email Marketing Done Right

Small businesses and large businesses use email marketing strategies to connect and engage with their customers in similar ways. Doing it right doesn't have to be expensive. Where many go wrong is the length of the email or the timing. 

We get caught up in educating the consumer and forget that they don't need to know how it works or why it works....just that is "does work". So how do you get it right? Start with a purpose and a mission. 

  1. Create clean and clear lists of emails with accurate information at every point of contact. When they purchase anything or contact you in any their information. They are a current and future customer. Hopefully for life. 
  2. Using sources like iCapture are great tools to help you capture those emails that you need when they walk in your store or see you at an event or trade show. Check out this free trial and see if it helps simplify and cut down on the duplicate entries.  
  3. Create lists within the lists - notate age range or products purchased and target with emails based on previous buying habits. 
  4. Find an email marketing tool that works for you. My favorite is Constant Contact. The next big name is MailChimp. I recommend playing around with both and researching others to find the right one for you and your business. 
  5. Now that you have lists what do you want to say? It could be special discounts on services or products or just information that you want to share with everyone. Come up with a simple template or theme that is not too long and easy to read and navigate. Check out this list from by Nathan B. Weller
  6. Don't tell the entire story in the email. Give a sentence or a partial paragraph with a lead to your website or promotion. 
  7. Change up the subject line in your email for every message you send. Make it positive, thought provoking and energetic! 
  8. Every email should have a call to action or move the consumer to do SOMETHING....what is it you want them to do? Whatever that action is....make it simple. Make it easy! 


summertime brings vacations and social media ghosting.....

i love summer! spring allergies have gone and late night thunderstorms bring out lightening bugs and earth worms. it's great to sit on the porch and enjoy a glass of wine while your kids play in the yard with the dog. everything else just melts away or should melt away from your thoughts and view. for business owners and content managers this can be a tedious task. so much of our happiness and energy comes from finding new information and content to post and share with others. instead take the moment to share with the loved ones right in front of you. 

for some of us we don't know what it's like to live life without posting every photo we take on instagram, snapchat or facebook. i may be the exception here. i rarely post every photo i take. when it comes to my personal life i don't make the gushing posts to my husband or daughter because i can tell them directly. yesterday for father's day my husband and i started our day at the gym. sweating on the treadmill, working on legs.....ugggg. still sore. followed by breakfast with our daughter and a lovely nap at home. as the day warmed up we headed outside to a neighborhood playground and climbed on the playground equipment like kids. just simple and easy fun. after a genius idea lead us to the local discount store where we purchased a slip-n-slide ish item we set up the water hose in the backyard and just got silly. our 3 year old probably enjoyed just sitting there and splashing instead of sliding on her back or belly into the water. it started out as a fun memory to share with our daughter and finally i just decided to slide too....with all my clothes on. it felt amazing. it was fun. i felt like a kid. my husband was laughing at me because only the front side of my body was wet so it looked like i peed my 

yesterday's memory created a lesson for me. just because i love social media and marketing in a digital age and trending topics doesn't mean that i can't unplug to enjoy the small, simple moments in life that will create lasting memories. so let your hair down, kick your shoes off and unplug for a bit this summer!